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  • The MIM Process and its Strengths

    The Metal Injection Moulding process enables you to produce components with complex geometries cost-effectively.
    There is no need for refinishing procedures. This will save you time, material and expenses. 

    Metal Injection Moulding allows you to benefit from:

    - the moulding possibilities 
      of plastic injection moulding
                as well as
     - the material properties of
       traditional powder metallurgy.

  • MIM technology is increasingly used in
    the following application areas:

    • Automotive industry

    • Medical technology

    • Communication

    • Mechanical engineering

    • Electrical engineering

    • Component joining

    • Precision engineering

    • Textile machines

    In your application area, too, MIM may be the
    technology of the future.


    Solving the Impossible: with polyMIM®

    PolyMIM GmbH produces and markets a feedstock
    system for metal injection moulding under the product
    name polyMIM®. At PolyMIM‘s Application Development
    Center an environmentally sound binder system on a
    water soluble basis was developed. This  system
    combines the advantages of metal injection moulding
    with the current demands regarding cost-effectiveness,
    quality and ecology due to optimal rheology and
    moulding properties.